Terabyte is a character that appeared in the episode "Playdate." He is Maimy's destructive psychopatchic little brother. Maimy set him up on a playdate with Mecha Jodi. The two of them became great friends with each other because they both loved causing destruction and the two of them spent the day mindlessly destroying everything in sight and torturing Thrasher.


Terabyte is a little pink robot with three spikes on her head that are a dimmer shade of pink than the rest of her body. She has yellow eyes and a bear-trap-like mouth. She also wears a white diaper. His has a very demonic voice that comes out as a satanic roar every time he talks.


Terabyte is madly obsessed with destruction and so he destroys everything he possibly can every chance he gets. He he hates everything in the world unless it is something that destroys stuff like he does.