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Maimy is a girl who Thrasher has a crush on. Unfortunately, she is currently in a relationship with Megawatt. She seems to mostly ignore Thrasher but still however, seems to treat Thrasher as a friend at times and at some times she has expressed a feeling of love toward him. She is voiced by Jesse Cantrell.


Maimy is a tall pink robot girl with a beautiful face and a curvy physique body. Her head had a pointed chin and she has a light pink cap on her head with a row of red gems along it. She has a white and pink feather-like ponytail coming out of her head. She has red eyes and eyelashes and full light pink lips. She has loop earrings and she has a beauty mark on her face. She wears a light pink dress with a pink gem in it and has robotic lanky arms that are light pink at the ends. She has a pink skirt and long legs.


Maimy seems to act like an everyday schoolgirl. She is a popular student at Harry S. Apocalypse High and has the attention of a variety of boys such as Thrasher and Megawatt. Maimy seems to be pretty indecisive at times for her opinions on other people seem to change. This is mostly biased on love for Thrasher and Megawatt. Maimy seems to show most of her love interest for Megawatt and a lot of the time treating Thrasher like he doesn't even exist. However, at other times, she will be more fond and friendly of Thrasher and treat him like a close friend. On some occasions, she will even express love interest for him too. As for her feelings for Megawatt, she has been seen dating him and breaking up with him numerous times throughout the series and in the episode "El Presidente", she told Thrasher that she only dated Megawatt to make him jealous because she was in love with him. Maimy appears to be very notorious for her beauty and is constantly being the victim of most love problems with other boys.


  • Thrasher - Thrasher has a crush on Maimy but is too afraid to ask her out. Maimy is completely oblivious to this and barely even talks to him. However, there have been multiple times where Maimy has talked to Blastus and has even shown to be in love with him. She seemed to be disgusted when Frenemy displayed a clip of Thrasher making out with a pillow with a picture of her face on it. She tends to disacknowlegde his existence, even to the point of not knowing his name in Bling Thing. Despite those things, Thrasher still loves her, and tries his best to become her boyfriend. In the episode, El Presidente, she was interested in him after Thrasher became school president. They started dating, temporarily, in which she became vice president, before overthrowing him. In the episode Nana's Run, Maimy trusted both Thrasher and Blastus to take care of the elderly folks in their resting home, although it was mostly because she didn't want to take care of them. This includes launching them off to another planet before they explode. Maimy gets mad at Thrasher at the end of the episode, for failing to launch his nana off. It is unknown whether Maimy considers Thrasher and Blastus as her friends, or not, or whether they are going to Thrasher and Maimy will ever become a couple.
  • Blastus - Maimy doesn't interact much with Blastus, but whenever she does, she tends to think that he's weird, annoying, and gross, so she ignores him most of the time. There has been a time where she has shown a passionate love for him. In the episode "Field of Screams", Maimy seemed to be very attracted to him, but only because of his growth spurt caused by the tonic he used. She didn't like him trying to stop her from reaching presidency in El Presidente, which might show rivalry between the two.
  • Megawatt - Megawatt is the boy that Maimy seems to be the most in love with. She has been seen dating him multiple times in the series. He is the closest thing to an official boyfriend for her that she has. Thrasher is always jealous of him and is always trying to do things to make himself better than Megawatt so that Maimy will love him. In the episode "El Presidente", Maimy said that the only reason she ever dated Megawatt was because she wanted to make Thrasher jealous. It is unknown if she truly meant this or not.

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  • Her name is a pun on the common name "Amy".
  • Maimy seems to be mostly attrached to guys with the most powers and upgrades.
  • In the episode "Playdate", her little brother Terabyte got into a relationship with Thrasher's little sister.
  • In the episode "El Presidente" Maimy said that she had been dating Megawatt since kindergarten just so that she could make Thrasher jealous.